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New Moon Sacred Circle

register-closedThe registration is closed. If you wish to participate, please send us an email to be placed in the waiting list. 

We are inviting you to take part in our Sacred Circles that will be held on every New Moon. We are inviting you to become part of the growing community of awakening women. We are inviting you to be seen, heard, and held so we can open up, release and transform our insecurities, wounds, jealousies, competitive patterns, and claim our true radiance, unity, and power.We are calling you to walk with us on this beautiful and powerful path where we’ll hold sacred space for each other. Where we can discover authentic connection on a deep level with ourselves and sisters around us. Where we’ll embody our deepest dreams, sacred intentions and inner desires. Where we can discover the secrets of the feminine nature and how to nourish it.

On this beautiful evening we will create a circle for gathering and manifestation of feminine energy, connecting with ourselves and sisters around us through meditations, rituals, sharing, creating. With the help of our circle we create nourishing bound, beautiful experience and will set the intention to create a wave of powerful healing energy for ourselves and our world.

New Moon Sacred Circle themes:

°1st New Moon (27 March 2017) — What is feminine essence?

° 2nd New Moon (26 April 2017) — What is the path to discover you inner Divine Feminine?

° 3rd New Moon (25 May 2017) — Surrender. Acceptance. Fragility.

° 4rth New Moon (23 June 2017)  – The meaning of the Intention. The Power of Intention.

° 5th New Moon – Rhythm and its importance in the life of the woman.

° 6th New Moon – Sound and its healing power for women.

° 7th New Moon – Love and its true meaning

° 8th New Moon – Art and Self-expression

° 9th New Moon – Living in the moment of Now.

° 10th New Moon – The Process of creation. The creative power of a woman.

° 11th New Moon – The Path of Sacredness.

° 12th New Moon – Ritual as part of our life and Life as a ritual.

° 13th New Moon – Transformation.

★ For who?

Sacred New Moon Circle is for women who are desiring to establish a connection with other sisters, to share experience and empower one another on the path of delving into feminine nature.

Participating in the circle will help you to connect, to explore and learn about your own nature, your inner self.

The New Moon energy will help to clarify your desires and set the intentions for the next cycle.

★ Facilitator:

Anna Leona is a master of the Red Rose level in The Perfect One project. She integrates practices,

meditations, the power of intention, the energy of crystals and plants to facilitate the process of re- awakening women to their true essence. Anna Leona leads workshops, presentation and private sessions in the Netherlands and around the world.

★ What inspires her to give this circle:

“Deeply in my heart, I believe that the moment of the uprising of the feminine energy is already here. Women need to be remembered the sacred nature that they uphold on this planet. Women need to rediscover the wisdom that they already have in them. They need to gather to share, to unite, to create a circle of feminine power. The more women will gather the stronger the healing energy we can facilitate”.

★ Practical information:

☯ Date:  Dates: 27 March, 26 April, 25 May, 23 June 2017

☯ Time: 19.00-21.00 (the doors will open at 18.45)

☯ Location: Mahara Holistic, De Clerqstraat 123Hs, Amsterdam.

☯ The fee for this event is 10Euro.

☯ There are limited places available so reserve in advance.

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