The Perfect One. » The Perfect One. The «Red Rose» Program

The Perfect One. The «Red Rose» Program

The Perfect One program  is an integrated course consisting of practices of various ethnic traditions that allow a fully effective way to approach and fulfil  the main tasks of the process of  women’s development, the  unblocking and restoration of the body, filling it with energy.The first stage of  The Perfect One program — Red Rose, is a stage of  integral tuning, which allows us to understand  the twelve major influencing aspects of our feminine nature in order to succeed on the path of personal perfection.The “Red Rose” program will help you to experience the Beauty and Inner Strength of a woman in a new way. It will help to tune your body and consciousness, and will help you to delve into the process of discovering your inner space and navigation in the wider world in order to take further steps.

The Perfect One program is aimed at  women who are interested and who are ready to embark on the path of perfection. The program will help to discover the feminine qualities in a completely new way, to feel and to tune deeper into the feminine nature.

The woman who loses the depth of her nature, integrity, fullness and completeness of her femininity, becomes fragmented and needs to use a lot of energy simply to keep up, and to survive the various challenging episodes of her life. By doing this a woman loses her natural radiance, her inner state of eternal spring. A life which lacks integrity  cannot be whole, it cannot be deep, meaningful and fulfilled.

On the path of perfection we need to take into account the rapid changes in rhythms of nature, and the nature of that energy that creates possibilities for those who are ready to perceive a new reality.  This creates a unique opportunity to learn and discover knowledge that in previous years was hidden.


The «Red Rose» program is the exclusive women’s program that consists of theoretical and practical parts:


Theoretical part:

цветок Perfection. Lecture

цветок Principles of construction and condition for the development of the female body. Lecture

цветок Love. Interaction with a  man. Basic principles. Lecture

цветок Beauty. Lecture

цветок Nutrition as cultivating practice. Types of nutrition. Lecture

цветок Awareness from the point of view of women’s nature perfection. 12 forms of attention. Lecture


Practical part:

цветок Integral nutrition.

цветок Building internal support. Tuning the womb. Practice «Tuning of the womb consciousness».

цветок Practice for the unblocking and restoration of the body and energy.

цветок Practice  «Heavenly teacher’s palms».

цветок Practice «Playing the lute».

цветок Practice for unblocking and tuning of the cerebellum.

цветок Practice «Ecstatic massage».


Practices that are focused at the perfection of body and mind of women.

The ability to express an attitude to something that touches us the most, what excites us, determines  the sense of fulfilment and quality of that sense.   Even such a thing as love requires a proper understanding, since in the light of this feeling our whole life is passing.  What is also important is that the sense of love is the main source of joy in our body.

We need to learn to cultivate this joy in order to understand the nature of ecstatic feelings.

Today this skill became somewhat an art, as the ecstatic state is not a given, but a condition which is related to the ability or inability to pay attention to what causes that state, which we call ecstasy.

Conscious women will create the basis of a positive future life on our planet. Now is the time when more and more women are ready to re-discover their  true nature which establishes reunification process  with the Universe and with all the awoken women in order to become co-creators of our new reality.



13.30 — 19.30


If you register  before March 13th, 2018 If you register from 13th March until 13th May
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