The Perfect One. » “The Red Rose. Initiation course»

“The Red Rose. Initiation course»

Программа «The Perfect One. Красная Роза. Начало» Даты: 8—10 февраля 2019 Место: Амстердам, НидерландыThe Perfect One project is aimed at women who are interested to embark on the path of self-development. Our goal is to allow every woman to experience a state of fulfillment, peace and harmony inside, while being fully charged with energy and radiating her beautiful inner light.

The Perfect One project is an integrated course consisting of practices focused on unblocking the body, restoring circulation of energy and balancing the mind.

The first stage of the project is – Red Rose Level. On this stage women learning basics of proper work with their body, energy and mind. Also important questions about nutrition, relations and personal practice are highlighted during lectures.

“The Red Rose. Initiation course” is an introductory seminar consisting of theoretical and practical parts.

Practical part:

During seminar you will learn about nutrition with integral aroma’s and crystal essences. Working with aromas’ and essences will help to tune deeper into your inner space.

The secret of the female body is based on generating properties of her womb. A woman’s body is a matrix, and the womb plays an important role of sustaining this matrix. Womb yoga is a practice that help to establish connection with the womb and learn how to work with it on a deeper level.

Every path will start from the first step. This step is revitalization. We cannot start developing ourselves if our body, energy and mind are not prepared for serious practice.

Womb Consciousness is a fundamental practice for women  in the Perfect One project. This practice focuses on establishing inner connection  and activate neuronal connectivity between womb and the brain.

The nature of a woman is ecstatic. In its core that means that a woman is able naturally to assimilate the energy associated with various types of excitement (whether it can be a sexual excitement, happiness from the new pair of shoes or when she had great time with her girlfriends). The practice of ecstatic massage allows to assimilate energy of exaltation which can be an additional source of power and nourishment for ourselves.

Theoretical part:

Features of the seminar:


8 February 8: 19.00-22.00

9 – 10 February: 10.30–16.30


If you register  before December 31st, 2018 If you register from 1st January 2019
Participants of The Perfect One project programs 200 250
New members 250 300




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