Integral Bodywork

Kinesio Tape with Jade

Нефритовое тейпирование

Kinesio Taping with Jade is a process of integrating the vibration of Jade with healing bodywork. ‘Tapes with Jade’ is a method which allows a rapid improvement in boldily conditioning by restoring and properly activating energy circulation. It is a fast and effective way of correcting any imbalances in the body.

Taping with Jade consists of the application of special symbols and Jade Crystal Essence on different parts of the body with the help of Kinesio tapes. Vibration created through the interaction of the symbol and Jade will help to improve the condition of the body on more subtle levels. It provides protective and regenerative effects and stimulates the process of restoration.

Kinesio tapes with Jade can be applied to the particular parts of the body according to the specific task for the correction of an existing problem. There are nineteen symbols for different areas of the body.

Integral Massage

Интегральный массаж

Integral massage is a type of bodywork that helps to raise the energy frequency in the human body, and specifically in the bone marrow. The whole process of massage consists of three elements: an application of the Integrative diagnostic, the use of Integrative symbols and the proper concentration of the Integral therapist.

Through the application of Integrative symbols an energy contour is created, the vibration of which can go deep inside the body and reach the bone marrow.

Accumulative effects after massage depends on the condition of a person and the level of experience and skill of the Integral therapist. In general, the effect can vary from three to five days to an unlimited amount of time if the structure and energy circulation in the bone marrow is restored.