Integral Body Care

Absolutely natural and pure, our hair and body care crystalline formulas deliver an energizing, aromatherapeutic experience while leaving your hair and body clean and nourished.

Integral Essential Oils

Integral essential oils are innovative products, made of high-quality ingredients and reinforced with Crystal Essences. Every Integral blend is alchemically crafted according to the specific formula taking into account the power of a plant, typified by its aroma. To express that power, as well as to enhance it, oil is enriched with a particular Crystal Essence. Thus, Integral essential oils are alchemical crystallized products, representing and, most importantly, retaining a certain level of the vibration!
Each Integral oil in The Perfect One series has a number that indicates its vibrational characteristics. This number reflects a synergy between the power of the plant and added Crystal Essence. The synergy represents the level of energy vibration of the aroma.

Aroma Balms

Nutrition with aromas, nourishment with the delicate fragrance of essential oils is one of the oldest practice to work with scents. The practice of perception through the olfactory system and through the topical application on the skin. The ritual that we know as aromatherapy.
Nowadays there are many producers of essential oils that can be used for massage and general application, but brands producing oils of superior quality that can be used for nutrition through the skin are very few. These oils are superior in quality, purity, strength and it is reflected in its price.
By blending oils that are not of sufficient strength and quality their benefits can be simply neutralized. That is why our exceptional Aroma Balms consist only of the best essential oils and Crystal Essences.