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«The Perfect One Man» кристаллический шампунь

The Perfect One. Man Crystal Shampoo is an activating daily cleansing high-vibrational blend with the natural and herbaceous bright aroma. The aroma that was alchemically created by a vibrant mixture of Wormwood and Heather essential oils that helps the brain to stay tuned, boosts a sense of clarity and focus. An exceptional blend is enhanced with high-frequency energy essences of Goldenrod and Apatite Crystal Essences. These essences due to its vibrational properties have uplifting and energizing effect and help to maintain a state of focused intention.

Volume: 200 ml

How to Use

Lather. Tune to its aroma. Keep it for at least few minutes to allow deeper nourishment and tuning into its high-vibrational characteristics. Rinse.


Essential Oils: Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), Heather (Calluna vulgaris);
Energy Essence: Goldenrod ((Solidago canadensis);
Crystal Essence: Apatite.