The Perfect One Founder

ЧОМ автор книги СовершеннаяOleg Cherne has dedicated his life to the study of the ancient knowledge of numerous ancient ethnic groups from the perspective of making it relevant for the modern world. For more than 30 years he has travelled the world in search of the practices, techniques, methods and systems of knowledge rooted in the heritage of our ancestors on all continents. Oleg’s search and study continues to this day, despite the rapidly globalizing trends occurring in much of the world there is still much to learn about endless the possibilities for integral human development.

Oleg develops training programs for deep immersion into different traditions (Daoist, Celtic, Indigenous Indian), and maintains an intensive schedule of events of various formats both in his native Russia and around the world. He is assisted by his students and the INBI World — an organization Oleg founded with the objective of promoting the methodology and projects born out of his gathered research.  He also organizes research tours, which visit less known and normally inaccessible regions of the planet for those who are interested in self-development.

Oleg is the author of many publications and articles dedicated to the subject of the many aspects of development of human nature. Over 25 of his books have been translated into Bulgarian, Spanish and English languages. He maintains a personal website featuring regular updates on his activity and new product releases.

Study of the all-embracing power of feminine nature has been Oleg’s focus for many years and with ‘The Perfect One’ program, the conclusions of that research is finally brought to the attention of the wider public.