Integral nutrition for The Perfect One

During the program we will work on many tasks to restore woman nature and to heal the body. Nutrition is one of the important tools that we use to facilitate healing and to deepen the positive impact of the practices during the program.

At the course The Perfect One many high-vibrational products are offered for degustation. We will learn how to nourish ourselves and how to integrate into our daily life nutrition with crystal essences made from different precious and semi-precious stones, energy essences and alchemical elixirs made from plants and crystals, and  high-vibrational aromas and balms.

The one common feature of these products is that they help to tune our body and our consciousness into higher levels of energy frequency. High-vibrational products are literally «energizing» our body and brain, fulfilling us with the refined energy of the crystals, plants and essentials oils.

These products can be applied for: