What is perfection

Практический путь женского совершенствованияIt is often said that we are all born perfect. Yet it is also obvious that due to less-than-ideal social or environmental conditions even preservation (let alone development!) of this quality has become has become some sort of an art. In order to overcome the challenges of the imperfect world perfection needs to be nurtured and every women needs to remember the depth of the sacred and divine nature she upholds on this planet.

A growing realization of the need to protect one’s nature from destruction has reignited the interest in women in all manner of practices, techniques and methods towards ageing prevention, spiritual and body development.

More and more women nowadays are awakening and establishing deeper connection to their profound feminine nature. We believe that in the core of each woman there is The Perfect One, the One who is ready to discover the mysteries and secrets of her beautiful woman’s soul.

While it has almost become customary to think of perfection as the end result, we see perfection as a personal journey for each woman: A Sacred Path of Discovery of the Perfect One within her.

While walking on this Path a woman can regain or reinforce the connection with her feminine power, intuition and wisdom. Through this process her inner peace will become reflected in the state of harmonious naturalness, and she will gain access to her Inner beauty and Feminine strength.

Today more and more women are finding an increasingly strong resonance with ancient teachings/traditions and practices, many of which point to point to the discovery and the nurturing of inner etc perfection of the feminine nature. It should be mentioned that it is a challenging, but interesting and feasible journey of perfectness if you are centered and your tuning is persistent, your intention is strong and crystal clear, your spirit is open and uplifted.

To define the concept of Perfection in respect to female nature by reducing it to a set of attributes would be not easy as this concept encompasses not only the personal nature and characteristics of a woman, but also personal life tasks and her endeavor, which is very different for every woman.

However, there are a few things that we would venture to express in order to illustrate this Path of the Perfect One.

The Perfect One: