The Perfect One program

Практический путь женского совершенствованияThe Perfect One program is an integral course for women’s personal development. It is a collection of ancient wisdom from different practices around the world, focusing to gain more  insights about feminine nature, women’s body, sensuality. Also attainment of the knowledge about rhythm, proportions and harmony is essential part of this course, as development of proper attention and intention, which make a basis for any kind of practice.

In this exclusive women’s program we combine the use of

Knowledge and experience acquired during the program will provide you an opportunity to delve deeper into the exploration and study of personal rhythm and nature in order to restore and develop vital resources of feminine energy, joy and creativity as well as rediscover inner wisdom.

Through a systemic and holistic view to practice a woman will also be able to investigate  her sensuality, deeper relatedness to her body and nature of her ecstatic sensory experiences, explore it and learn to work with it through consciously directed effort.

A structured set of exercises focused on  development of proper attention and intention is essential part of this course, as these qualities are important for any kind of practice.

The Perfect One program provides an opportunity to experience an holistic  lifestyle  for every modern women striving to achieve and deepen a state of harmony, inner peace, and the naturalness on the physical, energy and mental level.