What is perfection

It is often said that we are all born perfect. Yet it is also obvious that due to less-than-ideal social or environmental conditions even preservation (let alone development!) of this quality has become something sort of an art.

In order to overcome the challenges of the imperfect world perfection needs to be nurtured and every women needs to remember the depth of the sacred and divine nature she upholds on this planet… read all >

The Perfect One program

The Perfect One program is an integral course for women’s personal development. It is a collection of ancient wisdom from different practices around the world, focusing to gain more insights about feminine nature, women’s body, sensuality. Also attainment of the knowledge about rhythm, proportions and harmony is essential part of this course, as development of proper attention and intention, which make a basis for any kind of practice… read all >

The Perfect One Founder

ЧОМ автор книги Совершенная

Sri Chola (Oleg Cherne) has dedicated his life to the study of the ancient knowledge of numerous ancient ethnic groups from the perspective of making it relevant for the modern world. For more than 30 years he has travelled the world in search of the practices, techniques, methods and systems of knowledge rooted in the heritage of our ancestors on all continents. Oleg’s search and study continues to this day, despite the rapidly globalizing trends occurring in much of the world there is still much to learn about endless the possibilities for integral human development…

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