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«The Perfect One» Program

Question about development and process of a perfection for a woman is a very difficult question.
And especially when a woman doesn’t have much experience or doesn’t have a clear direction.The first and most important question is not about how a woman defines her perfection, but how long did she was working on it and what kind of tools did she use.
Secondly, why she is looking for a perfection? Is it because of her unfortunate personal life, or inner protest, or the lack of self-realization?
The third question is how a woman will understand that she is really on the path of perfection?

The foundation of this program consists of the practices that allow experiencing in the most  effective and profound way the concept of  Perfection. During the program, women will undergo discovering of the essence of feminine nature.
The essence of every woman is, first of all, her personal story. And if a woman didn’t delve into her story, then how she will discover her nature?
Another important topic of the program is the interaction of a woman with space, where she will develop herself. What kind of space is that or who is in this space?

In other words, The Perfect One program is like a movie in which we will immerse, experiencing in a short period of time where to start, what helps and what distract us, what do we need to achieve on the path to perfection. The program is aimed at creating conditions for achieving the state of serenity, harmony and inner stillness.

Terms and important information


All nutrition during the program is high-frequency nutrition, and it is provided within the program. Other food is not advisable during the program.


Concrete practices will be announced during the program. The program includes:






If you register before

May 1 st, 2017

If you register from

May 1st, 2017

For INBI members 1000 1200


Oleg Cherne, the author of The Perfect One project


Club INBI, Ploshad Borbi,13A, Moscow.

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