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The Perfect One: Red Rose. Attuning and Attention

Нероли (Кувшинка)The project “The Perfect One: Red Rose” is designed for women who get curious and or interested or feel the deep inner need to explore, learn to acquire supreme knowledge and open up one’s unique female nature, its power and coded potentiality.

The workshop is based on the complex and integrated model encompassing theory and practices collected from various worldly significant cultures and disciplines. This model includes both static and dynamic guided meditation approach aimed to subsequently unwind the body and raise mindfulness. The key stone is to allow oneself to follow the primary intention to learn how to register and acknowledge emotional reactions and habitual behavioural patterns.

The program combines unique tools to get attuned to inner self, deepen and widen mental and emotional boundaries and to consciously start changing the habitual perception of the outside. This approach creates internal conditions for women to expand experiences of harmony, beauty and grace.

When a woman embodies and radiates deep sense of peace and carries light within herself, the world around is getting raised up to a higher level of vibrations, fulfilling and perfecting it.

Theoretical Part

Practical Part

It is a fundamental practice meant to unblock and rebalance the physiology of the cerebellum and ultimately enhance functions of the emotional, mental and physical bodies. This approach relies on the notion that the cerebellum houses so called “personal code”, therefore addressing this area of the brain holds the potentiality to encode and alter a human’s destiny.

It is based on the anatomy and physiology of the body and aimed to tune to it and provide conditions to better its performance and functions. It supports and nourishes the nature of ecstatic experiences through utilizing the knowledge on rhythm, proportions and harmony. Moreover, it assists in increasing mental attention and focus.

This practice promotes the increase in energy circulation of the hands relying on specific movements following mental efforts with it. It helps to establish the basis for connectedness between the mind and hands and deepen perception of this part of the body. Also it optimizes the synchronization of the left and right hemispheres, increasing brain functions in attention and focus.

It is meant to activate processes to cleanse, transform and get attuned to the body. This complex consists of exercises activating tendino-muscular meridians of legs in synchronization with breathing and womb consciousness.

This model represents the basic method to awaken and or encode the additional energy resource within the body to nourish emotional, mental and physical aspects. It assists in strengthening the physicality, balancing out the brain and harmonizing the inner state. The proper performance provides conditions to absorb energy boosting experiences ignited during the practice.

Important particulars


March 1          6:00-9:00pm

March 2, 3      11:00am–4:00pm


250 Canadian dollars (CAD)

Early Bird Price before February 13 – 190 CAD

Non-refundable registration fee is 50 CAD.






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