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The Perfect One: Rejuvenation Yoga

Нероли (Кувшинка)Rejuvenation Yoga includes a number of essential principles, including restorative and alchemical knowledge aimed to re-group, re-set conditions leading to activate rejuvenation mechanisms in the body.

The multilayered method is based on medicinal, physiological, anatomical and nutritional concepts of various world traditions. Generally, this approach is meant to accomplish a number of goals, from superficial (cosmetic) to deep ones (DNA regeneration).

During the seminar there will a special part dedicated to the awakening of the female body through the processes of exercising core senses and inner experiences.

This feature arises from the natural sacred anatomy of a human to create an additional source of energy within the physical body. Moreover, a woman’s physiology forms conditions to experience sensuality and dive into the emotional body to embrace herself in the wholeness and in the feeling of fulfilment and integrity. Furthermore, it offers possibilities to establish a harmony within and thrive towards the inner power awakening.

Also the nature of rejuvenation upholds the ecstatic notion that allows to live a life fully through physical, sensual, emotional, intellectual and spiritual experiences. Altering the body frequency during the workshop brings us to deep changes both on the spiritual and physical levels.

Additionally, the process of rejuvenation gives us unique opportunities to embrace the spiritual power, face weaknesses and deep fears – all of it usually limits a woman from reaching the highest levels in her development and ability to produce better quality of energy to rejuvenate at the optimum level.

Theoretical Part

Practical Part

This is a fundamental practice for any woman at any age. On a basic level it is meant to regulate the female nature; however it goes beyond of it and provides conditions to develop the womb consciousness — the most crucial one — to reach the harmonious state within and generate nurturing and high quality energy in the female body.

This sequence of exercises allows to alter the tonicity in the bone tissue and reduce muscular, tendon, fascial tension and adhesions. It creates positive shifts in the blood and lymph flows and boosts the vitality and immunity of the body.

Special set of exercises aimed to affect the brain functions and scull, facial bones to cleanse and restore red bone marrow in these areas.

This truly unique practice permits to inter-connect the whole body, increase its tonicity and raise its frequencies. Exercising this system allows the mental body to alter the resonant frequency of the endocrine system and assist in the growth of the consciousness

This model represents the basic method to awaken and or encode the additional energy resource within the body to nourish emotional, mental and physical aspects. It assists in strengthening the physicality, balancing out the brain and harmonizing the inner state. The proper performance provides conditions to absorb energy boosting experiences ignited during the practice.

Important particulars



May 25           4:00 — 10:00 pm

May 26           11:00 am — 5:00 pm


250 Canadian dollars (CAD)

Early Bird Price before February 13 – 190 CAD

Payment through a course of 2 month installments is available to negotiate over upon a request.

Non-refundable registration fee is 50 CAD.




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Marianna +1 778 895 5263 (WhatsApp, Viber)