Tulip. Анна Леона (Тюльпан)Anna Leona (Tulip)

Practical experience- 10 years


Anna was born in Siberia, where she lived surrounded by powerful and glorious nature, and studied in beautiful and elegant St. Petersburg. She worked in the field of management and administration of programs related to spiritual development in Russia, India, and the Netherlands. She is currently studying International Business Administration at the Vrije University in Amsterdam where Anna resides with her son.

Anna’s journey of self-development began more than 10 years ago when she asked herself — what does the ’feminine nature’ concept truly mean? As she is saying:” Search for answers has gradually led me to examine and interact with my inner space. Deep inside, in my core, I discovered the mechanism that based on the principles of fulfillment, assimilation, and preservation of energy. This principle is also manifested in the environment in the lunar cycle. During that cycle energy in the space follows a certain pattern with which all women are resonating.

Everything with which a woman comes into contact will have a certain influence on and within her. The essence of things, people, situations that we encounter nourishes us and provides a sense of fulfillment. Simply put, it fills us up, determines the purity and quality of our internal world “.

The basis of her philosophy of the feminine nature became an understanding: that a woman is a Sacred Vessel and her body is a Temple, which needs to be nourished and honored with love, attention and joy.

Anna believes that a woman needs to learn how to nourish herself with the help of a variety of sources. One of the areas of discovery for her was a positive interaction with high-vibrational nutrition and aromas.

For the past 5 years, she has expanded her practice study into other forms of expression that provide her also a sense of deep fulfillment and great joy. Anna is developing herself in Daoist Yoga and Alchemy, Dance, Singing, Clothing and Jewelry design.

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Country: The Netherlands (Amsterdam)

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