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Jade Therapy is about the healing work and therapeutic effect of Jade crystals. Jade is one of the unique crystal and semi-precious stones for healing. Jade is perhaps the safest mineral that can be used for the therapy. The structure of this stone helps to collect negative information and energy. The crystal is not transmitting it, but rather assimilating and transforming it. That makes Jade very different from other crystals.

Jade helps to establish links between different layers of energies in our bodies. It provides a binding effect on the energy structure of our body, balancing and centering it.

Therapy with Jade is one of the ancient healing practices and rituals. In China Jade was very much in demand amongst the elite since the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) when it was used for making the ceremonial suit, consisting entirely of small pieces of jade, for burying ceremonies and rituals. It was believed that jade helps to preserve the body and the soul by wearing such a jade burial suit.

The book is available in Russian and currently is being prepared for publication in English.

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