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Картина-талисман "Магический тамариск"Magical Tamarisk. Painted 2016 by Anastasia Net and Oracle. Acrylic painting. 15 x 15 cm.

Magical Tamarisk is a painting where branch of tamarisk full of small innumerable blossoming flowers is painted. We perceive it as somewhat “pinkish” cloud, which is not loosely distributed on the canvas but has a certain form. It’s condensed but at the same time fillingevenly the whole space of the painting.

The sacred meaning of tamarisk as a communicator to the divine space is represented by the fact that this tree was used by the priests and oracles during sacred rituals to communicate with the higher powers. In ancient Egyptian legends it was said that in tamarisk’s trunk lives the goddess Iusaaset.

Magical Tamarisk painting is representing the symbol of regeneration and revival, it initiates new energy flow in the space where it is hanging.

Can be made upon individual order.

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