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Картина "Эфиопка"The Ethiopian Woman. Painted in 2016 by Jefila. Acrylic canvas with the use of the powder of Lydian stone, 40×50 cm.

On the painting we see the woman in whose eyes you can almost feel the glimpse of a timeless moment. The moment that every woman represents through her nature. The moment that you cannot hold, that flows like a river.

The Ethiopian Woman is a sacred gift which burst into our existence. This work touches on a deeper level and holds attention completely through flowing lines of sacred symbols of the Light language. The painting is channelling magnificent power. The power that enchants, bewitches and fascinates.

The sacred meaning is radiating from this painting. It was created to carry the light of the higher realms. You can be swept up by profound joy as you understand that such women are real and they exist in higher energy fields. These are the women whom you are probably wouldn’t meet in our physical reality. But with the help of artist as Jefila we are able to get an impression of the sacredness and radiant power of such women.

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