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Alchemy of the Beauty

If you ask a woman what motivates her the most, the answer is in little doubt, the retention of her beauty and youth. But very often it all comes down to the domination of external influences, whilst true beauty is reflected in the internal state of the woman. The state of  fulfillment and harmony radiating from within is reflected in the external beauty of a woman. In its turn, an internal state of a woman is determined how completely and harmoniously energy flows within us.

The most important energy center in the woman’s body is the womb. In particular, a woman’s health and her emotional state depend on the energy circulation in this sacred  vessel. So every woman needs to know how to work with the womb to support and maintain a proper energy circulation within it.

Another important component of beauty for women is skin condition.  In our stressful life  rhythms, poor nutrition and other negative factors of our life style ensures our skin becomes a mirror of all our internal problems. in the workshop we will pay close attention to the question of the skin’s support and nourishment with high-vibrational oils, aromas and alchemical elixirs.

In the program:

Theoretical part:

Practical part:

Date and Time:

29 April 10.30-14.30


Mahara Holistic, De Clercqstraat 123HS, Amsterdam


50 euros

Questions:  or FB ThePerfectOne.Amsterdam

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Facilitated by Anna Leona:

Anna Leona is a master of the Red Rose level in The Perfect One project. She integrates practices, meditations, power of intention, energy of crystals and plants to facilitate the process of re-awakening women to their true essence. Anna Leona leads workshops, presentation and private sessions in the Netherlands and around the world.