The Perfect One. » Exclusive Women’s Retreat “The Red Rose. The divine Feminine”

Exclusive Women’s Retreat “The Red Rose. The divine Feminine”

Journey with us to mystical southern France, where legends of Mary Magdalene, Knights Templar, The Holy Grail, Black Madonnas and Isis have long thrived in this sacred landscape. Discover the surprising secrets of a woman that was initiated in the mystical knowledge of divine femininity. Join us during an inaugural retreat that will explore the manifestation of Maria Magdalene’s energy in the area around Rennes-le-Chateau in the southern France, a small village that is at the origin of so many mysteries and inspiration for so many books, including Code de Vinci of Dan Brown.

Come aboard with us from 23-28 October 2018 for this chance to explore the Divine Feminine!

Exclusive Women’s Retreat “The Red Rose. The divine Feminine”

The Divine Feminine calls us all in different ways. But are we ready to hear her subtle voice inside of our hearts and our souls? Rules and logic of the patriarchal world distracted a woman from a natural connection with her nature and her body. Because of disconnection that already became a norm, we cannot tune into easily into the divine aspect of our feminine nature.

To see the bottom of the lake after the storm, waves would need to calm down. So what can we do to reach that calmness? How we can restore our inner peace and harmony? How to embrace our divine feminine side? How to find and build our inner support? These questions are arising during walking on the Path of Divine Feminine.

It may not be an easy path to follow; but it is even more difficult to ignore. The shift in Consciousness relies on our willingness to embrace the wisdom and lessons of the Divine Feminine. This is our call for all women who already feel the wind of change, who are ready to break free from old patterns and to emerge into new reality of love, harmony and rich fulfillment, who are ready to dive into the depth of their feminine nature and discover bright shining light of their soul.

We invite you to become a part of the women’s circle. During 2018 and 2019, we will hold three women’s retreats in the special places:

  1. «The Red Rose. The Divine Feminine» in Rennes-le-Château (France) in October 2018
  2. «The Red Rose. The Opening of a Flower» in Amsterdam (Netherlands) in January 2019
  3. «The Red Rose. The Blossoming » in Glastonbury (UK) in April 2019.


During “The Red Rose. The Divine Feminine” program the following parts will be studied:

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Location of the event and accommodations

Château des Ducs de Joyeuse 4 *, Couiza, France.

Room description Classique:

Medieval decor, bathroom in room (bath or shower), toilet, hairdryer, cosmetics, safe. This room is air-conditioned. Overlooking the courtyard or park. 20 m² to 22 m². The rooms have either one double bed of 1.60 m or two single beds of 0.90 m.

59 Euro’s per person per night for double occupancy
89 euros per night for single occupancy

Your Guides on the Journey:

Tulip, Tamarisk

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