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Nutrition with Crystal Essences

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”
Nikola Tesla.

In this last presentation before summer break we will talk about crystals and how humankind nowadays can interact with them by implementing nutrition with crystal essences.

But if we will start from the begin…. In ancient times different fields of energy in the space were represented in terms of 12 gods, which were described, in its turn, by one of the figures. In Christianity, for example, we can see mentioning about 12 angels.

The most interesting here is that behind the concept of a particular god there is an idea of a certain crystal.

If we’ll talk about the process of perception in ancient times, then it will be the following: firstly, the vibration (frequency) of the space was perceived; then it was associated with one of the figure; and afterwards it was connected with certain stars. Subsequently, power that was manifesting initial vibration was perceived as the Creator or the God.

However, in the group of 12 figures we need firstly learn about the most powerful 7 figures, and seven planets represent them. From this group of seven, another sub group of five figures, which are influencing us the most, can be defined and studied further.

In that way, by understating five, we can comprehend seven; if we will understand seven then we can become aware of 12. Each of this figures has its own power, and this power is representing one of the crystals.

Our body as part of this space, of course, is influenced by these structures, by their intensity, and can interact with them. The ability to perceive the power of our space is nutrition with crystals.

What in our body is able to perceive the nutrition with crystal essences, with vibrations? It is what we call our spirit, our Higher Self.

In different ancient traditions, there were special teaching about status of our body from the position of vibration. We can see reflections of this knowledge in hermetic teachings, in Yoruba culture, in Andean cosmogony, in Arab alchemists and Cristian mystics thinking, and in Daoist philosophy.

In ancient times people could easier identify their spirit in relation to the space, but nowadays due to the change in characteristics of the Earth and magnetic field, it became more difficult to connect to your spirit. The fact that our spirit is resonating at frequency 20-300 Hz makes it almost impossible to identify it if our consciousness is not able to operate or even tune into this level of frequency. But generation of effort towards resonance with our spirit is necessary condition if we want to maintain high vibration state of ourselves!

Only if we reach ability to tune to high frequency of our consciousness we will be able to identify our spirit. But to do so we’ll need to learn how to avert our consciousness from the influence of the Earth frequencies which depending on the location can vary from 1,8 till 12 Hz. In this sense, nutrition with crystals can help us in its minimum to support our spirit and as maximum to nourish it. And what is the most important, we can feel and stay connected to our spirit.

As the crystals can be classified by high-vibration frequencies that are atemporal and timeless characteristics, the part of our body that can interact and resonate with these vibrations is our brain. Different parts of the brain is activated by different crystals. Crystal’s energy firstly stimulates the brain and then has an effect on other systems of the body through the trigger signal from the brain.

It can be illustrated in this way: the vibration of crystals activates hypothalamus and other endocrine glands of the brain, then these glands activate and nourish spinal cord and marrowbone, and then everything is directed to the location in the body according to the task and direction.

Each crystal essence contain the power of transformation, which emanates from its geometry and crystal lattice. After special state of the art distillation in Swiss laboratory and with proper regimen of intake our body is able to experience this power.


Theoretical part:

☯ Nutrition as a practice of self-improvement
☯ Theory of crystalline nutrition
☯ Types of Crystal Essences

Practical part:

☯ Tea ceremony
☯ Practices to unblock circulation of energy in the head and stomach vessel
☯ Tasting of crystal essences Lunar Root, Qn1
☯ Tasting of the elixir 4d105s1


Anna Leona is a master of the Red Rose level in The Perfect One project. She integrates various practices, meditations, the power of intention and the energy of crystals and plants to facilitate the process of re-awakening women to their true essence. Anna Leona gives workshops, presentations and private sessions in the Netherlands and around the world.

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