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The Perfect One. Intuitive Healing Jade Jewelry

Invite yourself to the world of Mystery, Magic and Innate Potentials.

Jade therapy is one of the world ancient traditions based on a practical application of crystals and minerals. The crystal is valued by its frequency, one of its physical characteristics, which is dependent on the quality of the jade. It is known by its attribute to resonate with human energy, to interact with it by absorbing and transforming it. Furthermore, jade can link the strata of energy together in the human body. In ancient times this property was recognized and leveraged by embedding jade tablets inside garments — the first application of jade therapy.

Intuitive Healing Jade Jewelry

Jade has been the centerpiece of jewelry throughout the ages, however, its alchemical properties make it far more than mere accessory. The symbolic nature of jade is written in its very molecular structure, encoded in web-like patterns.

A simple and accessible way to experience jade therapy is to wear a bracelet or play with jade beads. Even this trivial form of interaction deeply nourishes the skin and, over time, the whole body.

A variety of jade jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants are meant to cleanse the body, reinforce the vital energy and exhibit protective properties.

Jade Kinesiotaping

Jade kinesiotherapy taping is the integrative art of creating a therapeutic effect using the crystal as a perfect conduit to transmit its vibrations to the body. All symbols are encoded with a specific voltage and were created based on the Maoshan school of Taoist alchemy. This modality has both local and deep systemic effects able to alter a physiological state of the interstitial space, and initiate protective and restorative mechanisms in the body.

This model includes:

Jade Qi Gong

Close and mindful interaction between people and jade culminated in Jade Yoga or Qi Gong of jade.

The practice is mindfully attuning oneself to the stone and symbol, deepening one’s relationship with it and their higher self.


In ancient times in China crushed jade was used as one component of the elixir of immortality.  Jade crystal essence is made with the help of modern Swiss technology. It can be safely used for internal consumption as a general tonic for the whole body.

Major properties of Jade Crystal Essence include:

Major properties of Snow Chrysanthemum Flowers Tea include:


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