The Perfect One. » «The Perfect One» Red Rose Annual International Master-Camp

«The Perfect One» Red Rose Annual International Master-Camp

This Exclusive program for women consists of practical and theoretical parts.

The Perfect One Program

Presentation of 12 integral fields practice.


Integral Field Practice Master
I Integral yoga Oleg Cherne
II Indonesian yoga Oleg Cherne
III Latin American yoga Jasmine
IV Egyptian yoga Tamarisk
V Alchemical yoga Oleg Cherne / Jasmine
VI Sufi yoga Tamarisk
VII Tantric yoga Oleg Cherne / Sage
VIII Orphic yoga Oleg Cherne
IX Celtic yoga (Ritual) Jasmine
X African yoga Oleg Cherne / Tamarisk
XI Integral yoga of Nutrition Tulip
XII Atlantic yoga Oleg Cherne

Theoretical Session

The theoretical session consists of a presentation of Integral Fields, representing  the level of the Red Rose.

Practical Session

Presents the development of The Perfect One in Integral Fields, representing the level of the Red Rose.



Oleg Cherne  (Chom)

Eugenia Cherne  (Jasmine)

Ekaterina Klimenok (Tamarisk)

Anna Leona (Tulip)

Ekaterina Netsvetaeva  (Sage)



For Registration before August 13th, 2017 For Registration from 13th August  until 13th December 2017
Total 2000 2500
Participants of «The Perfect One» program in Bali (Indonesia) in June 2017 1500 2000


For all reservations queries, please, contact Tulip, or send your questions through the registration form on the event page.

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