The Perfect One. » «The Red Rose» Introductory course for women

«The Red Rose» Introductory course for women

Host: Tulip

"The Red Rose" Introductory course for women“Would you tell me, please,

which way I ought to go from here?»

«That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.»

«I don’t much care where –»

«Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

Alice in Wonderland


What is the Way for a woman and where she needs to come?

The rules and logic of the patriarchal world led the woman away from her feminine nature. The quest to restore it resulted in searching for practices, teachers, places, and your tribe.

Often, in an attempt to improve, a woman plays in development, that is, she follows an instant desire, swings between energy shifts and conscious insights. However, more than often, these are not profound changes, but only short-term sensations. Development, on the contrary, is the Way of awareness and transformation.

The first steps necessary for a woman to prepare herself for the Path: unlock, restore, and tune her body, and especially the uterus.

Through meticulous work with the body-mind, one becomes aware of oneself and the female nature, achieving a state of inner peace and harmony. A woman lives in balance with her nature, when she restored authentic sound, nurtured a sense of beauty, harmony, and light within herself.

We invite women who are interested in developing and discovering new facets of themselves to become part of the «The Perfect One», project for mindful women. The introductory course for women, «The Red Rose», creates basis for women’s conscious development.

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24th January 19:00 – 21:30
25th – 26th January 10:00 – 16:00




Principles of unlocking the female body

The female body is a physical symbol of the practice. If it is not aligned and balanced, then we cannot say that we are practicing.

Unblocking the body is, on the one hand, the ability to eliminate the problems in the body. And on the other hand, the capacity to take into account mistakes that we might make during our previous life experience: improper nutrition, unhealthy habits, or wrong physical development.

Sacred Anatomy of a Woman Sacred anatomy is a type of anatomy that considers all systems and organs of the body from the perspective of geometry and energy circulation. The basis of knowledge about sacred anatomy is hermeticism and Taoist medicine. These two disciplines determine the functions and tasks of the female body different from the male body.
Ecstatica Ecstatica is a practice that activates and creates clean, indestructible energy connected to the functions of more complex systems of the body, such as the brain or endocrine system. This kind of energy, jing, we transform then during practice for better absorption by our body and consciousness.
Womb Consciousness

Womb consciousness is a special kind of perception that is specific to a female body as it gives a woman a unique pattern of thinking, vision, and operating of the knowledge. This form of consciousness we develop through attentive working with the womb.

Womb consciousness allows the realization of alchemical practices related to the breathing and improving prenatal nature of a woman. Developing womb consciousness is an indispensable condition for the alchemical path.

The art of nutrition with sacred elixirs The art of nutrition with sacred alchemical elixirs is the knowledge of a “smart” diet, based on an understanding of human nature and human qualities from the perspective of nourishment of the body, consciousness, and energy.



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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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