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The Red Rose Program


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Are you ready to participate in the program that facilitates the process of awakening for women by delving into their true nature,  restoring their power and establishing personal endeavor, strength and  magnetism? Are you ready to en-lighten the body so it will become A sacred temple where your soul can be nourished? Do you want to  let your inner Light shine even brighter?


In the Red Rose program we will start to write our personal story about the art of crafting the female nature. Yes, it is art, as it asks for commitment, discipline and willpower, but also playfulness, openness and innocence.

The whole practical path of The Perfect One integral course consists of four stages- the Red Rose, White Rose, Black  and Golden Rose levels.

The essence of The Perfect One project is about self- development and holistic realization of the personal potential of every woman, reconciling her abundant source of love, magnetic life force and radiant inner Light.


During the Red rose program we will use different practices and techniques from various spiritual traditions. At the physical level it means tuning into, unblocking and feeling your body more deeply. On the sensory  level you will learn about the nature of ecstatic feelings and  how to work with them.

We will lay foundations in the form of understanding and developing the concepts of tuning and attention. Particularly, we will discover what the twelve types of attention are and what role it plays in our everyday life.


During the program we will embark on the journey to explore the infinite nature of women. We will delve into topics to do with love, harmony and the unity of all humankind. In the process of co-creation, we will lay the foundation for a new world. Together, we will return to the freedom of true manifestation of ourselves and the uniqueness of each of us.

This is the exclusive program for women consisting of both practical and theoretical parts.

Theoretical part:




10.30 — 16.30


Registration before May 1, 2017 Registration from 1 May 2017
Total 200 250


Tulip (Anna Leona)


Registration for the program will end on 1st May 2017, or when it is fully subscribed. For each participant, a special integral T-shirt will be made. Attendance during the program in this T-Shirt is mandatory.

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