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Genres: Instructional
Duration: 40 minutes
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Playing the Lute is a practice from The Perfect One program for women, a program of spiritual growth and empowerment through conscious practice and bodywork that guides women to explore their true nature and establish inner peace and harmony.

Playing the Lute is a sequence of movements to help restore and improve the circulation of energy of the meridians in the legs. Focused attention is given to work with the bones, calf muscles and Achilles heel—parts of the body often overlooked during traditional yoga practice.

In ancient times, the Playing the Lute technique helped master the art of levitation. Today it can be used as an exercise to assist the energy flow in the lower part of the body. Specifically, it is vital for healing and improving on a deeper level the energy in the bone marrow of the body.

The online course «Playing the lute» will help you:

☯ Learn the sequence at your own pace.
☯ Work on important areas of the body often unused.
☯ Improve the circulation of energy in the legs to experience a sense of lightness and etherealness.

Playing the Lute technique requires no prior experience or special equipment. All ages and abilities welcome.

Our video gallery consists of online courses of the various practices included in The Perfect One program. These courses are useful to all women who are interested in self-development and would like to study these techniques at their own pace.

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