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Duration: 28 minutes
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Uterine (Womb) Consciousness is a practice from The Perfect One program for women, a program of spiritual growth and empowerment through conscious practice and bodywork that guides women to explore their true nature and establish inner peace and harmony.

The Uterine Consciousness technique is the base of The Perfect One program, as it lays the foundation for further development. It helps deepen the understanding of the feminine nature and, most importantly, the interaction between the uterus and the brain.

This technique brings the attention of the woman back to her sacred center—the uterus—and teaches her how to consciously work with it. It allows the woman to reconnect to forgotten knowledge hidden deep inside her body. By doing so, the woman restores what is given to her by nature, but lost in the process of life: the ability to perceive and interact with everything through her uterus. This knowledge—available in ancient times only to priestess—is now accessible to every woman who wishes to develop herself.

The online course “Uterine Consciousness” will help you:

🌹 Learn the technique at your own pace.
🌹 Understand the principles necessary to work with the most important part of the body for a woman: the uterus.
🌹 Improve the circulation of energy in the uterus.
🌹 Create a subtle connection between the brain and the uterus to find balance in everyday feeling-action process.

No prior experience or special equipment is required. All ages and abilities welcome.

Our video gallery consists of online courses of the various practices included in The Perfect One program. These courses are useful to all women who are interested in self-development and would like to study these techniques at their own pace.

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