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The Heavenly Teacher’s Palms

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Duration: 21 minutes
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The Heavenly Teacher’s Palms is a practice from The Perfect One program for women, a program of spiritual growth and empowerment through conscious practice and bodywork that guides women to explore their true nature and establish inner peace and harmony.

The Heavenly Teacher’s Palms is a technique to learn and understand the art of mudras. It consists of a set of movements that improves and balances the circulation of energy in the palms. During the sequence, you will explore and cultivate such concepts as rhythm, focus and tuning to help you become aware of your palms and feel them at a deeper level.

Our hands continually interact with the world, but our lack of attention prevents us from perceiving the signals and information that come through them. Constant interaction with electronic gadgets—smartphones, computers, etc.— disturb the circulation of energy in the hands.

To feel our palms as the sacred vessels that ancient Daoist teachings considered conductors and receivers of the largest amount of subtle energy in our bodies, we need to restore and improve the proper flow of energy in our hands. The Heavenly Teacher’s Palms practice helps us reconnect with our bodies and become aware of the subtle language of the sacred temple we have been given.

The online course “Heavenly Teacher’s Palms” will help you:

🌹 Learn the sequence at your own pace.
🌹 Improve the circulation of energy in the palms with the help of special mudras.
🌹 Increase sensitivity and awareness of sensations in this part of the body.

No prior experience or special equipment is required. All ages and abilities welcome!

Our video gallery consists of online courses of the various practices included in The Perfect One program. These courses are useful to all women who are interested in self-development and would like to study these techniques at their own pace.

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